At Tonkiri we do healing work with plants from the Amazon and the Boreal Forests. We use plant medicines and ceremony to heal, to learn and to inspire.

We are trained in a healing tradition as taught by the Ashaninka master healer Juan Flores of the Peruvian Amazon. Working with plants and ceremony helps us heal our bodies, our minds and our hearts. The ultimate goal of our work is to open hearts so that the Great Spirit may flow freely through us all.

We believe a peaceful world free of suffering is not only possible but the inevitable destiny of the age we live in. This is the prophecy of the plants whispered to those ready to hear.

We invite you to join us and the plants on this journey as we give birth to a new world of great love and wonder.

Tonkiri operates in the city of Winnipeg and at our healing centre on the Whitemouth River.


CAMARAMPI CEREMONY - This is the key ceremony at Tonkiri. Camarampi is a powerful traditional medicine made by Maestro Juan Flores at his centre in the Peruvian Amazon. The medicine and ceremony helps us visit our past, our present and our future enabling us to heal past trauma, dissolve fears that are holding us back and open doors to new visions for the life ahead of us. Camarampi helps us become more sensitive and aware beings. Work with Camarampi enhances our relations with friends, family, community and the natural world that surrounds us. Ultimately, this medicine brings us peace of mind and joy in the heart.

The Camarampi ceremony takes place at night starting at 9 PM and lasting to sometime past midnight. Ceremony is done in the dark and in a group setting. Participants can either lie down or sit in their spot. The ceremony is guided by designated healers who sing icaros to activate the medicine and to guide the healing process. Icaros are special songs of gratitude for the plants that work on a spiritual level. Near the end of the ceremony the healers visit each person and perform the soplado in which agua florida and mapacho smoke is blown on the participants. Ceremony continues until everyone is in a good place at which time it ends.

The Ashaninka people of the Amazon believe that Camarampi is God of the Earth. Camarampi is what brings them the knowledge and the healing to lead a good and healthy life. The spirit of Camarampi is reaching out of the Amazon because it wants to help the world find the healing needed at this time.

TOBACCO CEREMONY - Tobacco is Camarampi's best friend and the Tobacco ceremony is essential for receiving the most from Camarampi ceremony. Tobacco ceremony is done the day prior to Camarampi ceremony. In this ceremony, a tobacco concentrate made of natural Peruvian tobacco called mapacho, is served and ingested by the participants. The medicine acts as a purgative and the ceremony lasts a few hours. A few icaros are sung to activate the medicine and at the end participants receive a soplado. The purpose of this ceremony is to open the hearts of the participants so that they may better receive the healing and teachings of future Camarampi ceremonies.

PLANT DIETS - Camarampi and Tobacco ceremonies are key to healing, but the plant diets are essential for deeper personal transformation or targeted healing needs. Maestro Juan Flores has developed his knowledge of creating plant medicines over 60 years and he has accumulated a vast understanding of which plants do what when used medicinally. He works with trees and plants and makes concentrates that are ingested daily for longer periods of time depending on a person's needs. Usually the plant medicines are taken three times a day for 10 days, sometimes longer. During that time people must restrict their intake of salt, sugar, alcohol, grease and red meat. This allows the plant medicines to be better absorbed into the body. Most importantly, those undertaking plant diets should participate in Camarampi ceremonies in which icaros are sung to trigger the medicine being dieted on. There are plant diets to heal depression, broken bones, cancer, ulcers, fear, lack of faith, low-energy, plus much more, and many of the plant diets can also teach and help people receive powerful dreams. At Tonkiri we administer plant diets with Amazon plants (Punga, Came Renaco, Ishpingo, Chuchuwasi, Chullachaqui Caspi, Copaiba, Shihuahuaco, Camalonga etc.) as well as plants from the Boreal forest such as Chaga, Balsam Fir, Aspen, Birch, and Cedar. Through personal consultation we will determine what is best for you.

HEALING RETREATS - Tonkiri Integrative Wellness & Learning Centre is a new healing centre on the Whitemouth River in the South-East corner of Manitoba, Canada. We are open for visits year round. At Tonkiri we mimic the experience of visiting Mayantuyacu in Peru, Maestro Flores' world-renowned healing centre. For more information about visiting Tonkiri click HERE.

GROUP RETREATS - When groups of people with a specific goal in mind come together to work with plants and ceremony amazing things can happen. Plant diets and ceremony are powerful tools for bringing people together and uniting them in vision and purpose. Working with plants at Tonkiri can inspire new ideas and trigger creative breakthroughs. If you have a group of people (artists, scientists, healers, community organizers, musicians, employees) that are interested in exploring Tonkiri as an option for a gathering please contact us to discuss what is possible.

TONKIRI - CHAPTER ONE - To better understand the path we follow and the origin of our work at Tonkiri please watch a 45 minutes documentary we made about Maestro Juan Flores and his travels to Canada.

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